As a physician who is board certified in preventive medicine, one would think that I would never become obese. Not TRUE. When I was going through personal problems, I turned to food to soothe myself and just watched as the number on the scale went up, up and up. I had gained 100 pounds in 1 year and was basically self-medicating with food. People would tell me I looked awful, but I just could not see it. One day, I was shopping and Iooked at a mirror while trying on clothes. I did not recognize myself and began my weight-loss journey the following week.

I began the WWWCC weight loss program and in 3 months lost 40 pounds. I lost 80 pounds in 12 months by following the WWWCC diet plan which includes supplements, appetite suppressants, healthy eating, and exercise. While doing interval aerobic exercise and weight training, my body fat decreased substantially. In one year, the rolls of fat disappeared and my body became very tight. When people saw me, they said, “You look great!”

The important thing was I never gave up. Some days or weeks I overate, that happens. I would just pick up where I left off and kept going. When I hit plateaus and felt like the weight would never come off, I would look at a photo to remind myself how far I had already come. Throughout the entire process, I remain persistent, determined and focused on positive outcomes.

Whether you want to lose 10 POUNDS or 100 POUNDS, have a slow metabolism, cannot control your portion size or cravings, we have a personalized weight-loss program for you.